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Posted by on Nov 20, 2012 in Guest Blogger Diaries | 0 comments

Guests at The St. Regis Punta Mita Resort

Guests at The St. Regis Punta Mita Resort

The people I meet and talk with each day at the resort are a friendly lot. Staff and guests engage me in conversation and share their stories daily.  Visitors come to relax in this beautiful location, for the personal service, and to enjoy the variety of activities available for adults and children on the beach, at the pools, spa, golf courses, restaurants, fitness center, tennis courts and throughout the resort.

The St Regis resort occupies an enchanting setting, capturing the essence of Mexico’s Pacific coast.  It also delivers a less common and more illusive quality that creates an intoxicating destination experience.  It’s an almost indefinable feature that goes beyond the staff’s natural service oriented demeanor.  This genuine caring for people and interest in learning about them–where they come from, what they think and feel—has created an atmosphere at St. Regis Punta Mita that seems to have spread to the quests as well. Perhaps it’s why the resort attracts so many international visitors who are interesting, open and free to share while remaining respectful of others privacy and the environment.


I have had the opportunity to meet, talk and spend time with some while taking part in many activities during my stay.  Here are a few that speak to the diversity and similarities of why people come to St. Regis Punta Mita Beach and Golf Resort.


*A husband and wife fromArizonain the travel business I met at the “champagne swording ritual” have stayed at many luxury resorts. They are sophisticated travelers who have not previously developed travel packages for their clients to the Punta Mita destination- “After our stay at St Regis Punta Mita that will change.  We plan to promote the St Regis Resort in Punta Mita, including the upcoming Gourmet & Golf III in April 2013.”


*A delightful couple fromChicagoI met at the resort’s family style Mexican beach barbecue (described in an earlier blog entry) shared thoughts about being at the St. Regis, “Including Mexican culture and food is an important part of a resort experience.  We don’t travel to a foreign country for something we can have in theU.S.” About luxury resort dining they said, “Guests from large US cities–Boston, New York, San Francisco– enjoy a rich and varied gastronomic scene at home, with many options for the finest meals from the best chefs.  A five star resort like the St Regis should provide cuisine that reflects the local culture and taste equal to what’s available at home while they’re here on vacation.”


The next day we had lunch together at a local restaurant in a nearby village, and later drove up the coast for dinner on the water and enjoyed the lively nightlife scene of the Malibu-like beach town.

*I ran into anOregoncouple after breakfast beachside at Las Marietas.  She had first visited the area many years ago after driving from her home state with a friend.  They now own a home nearby but always take a few days when here to stay at the St. Regis and enjoy the service, dining, the resort’s charming setting, facilities, activities and people. “We love the atmosphere here so much that we take a vacation here from our vacation home.”


*After dinner at the Sea Breeze I met aLondoncouple that had traveled toMexicofor a resort wedding further south.  They came to St. Regis Punta Mita

for a planned post wedding stay to celebrate their anniversary and have been actively engaged and enjoying   tennis, fitness center, the spa, relaxing on the beach and the laid back ambiance and service at the resort.


*Conversation with a delightful, introspective couple from San Francisco,CA was particularly friendly and fun on election night.  They were away from their 9 month old together for the first time and “chose the St Regis Punta Mita resort for short holiday to immerse in a destination known for its relaxing and comfortable style, focused service and dining.” They have spent time together enjoying the beach, pool and tasting menu offerings.


*The husband of a couple fromHouston,TXwas here for company meetings that brought together counterparts from Asia,U.S.andMexico.  While he was focused on business and a round of golf with colleagues on Pacifico (adjacent to the resort at the Punta Mita Golf Club) she spent time at the pool and on a guided shopping trip toPuerto Vallartawith other wives who had accompanied their partners to the St Regis Punta Mita.  Each evening they’d meet for dinner served on the beach and in private group dining rooms at the resort. The couple stayed on for a few days after the business liaison to continue the good vibes, share the beachside experience and explore the area.


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