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Posted by on Oct 25, 2014 in Community Service, News & Updates | 0 comments

Punta Mita 5k Pink Race

Punta Mita 5k Pink Race

See all the highlights and experience that we lived today at our Punta Mita 5K Pink Race

Thanks to all of our runners for joining this exceptional cause. All profits from the race will be donated to FUCAM

IMG_3788     IMG_3787          IMG_3782      IMG_3781      IMG_3776      IMG_3761     IMG_3765      IMG_3758      IMG_3752      IMG_3748                IMG_3756

Congrats to all winners

Male Division:

1st place: Michael Ewing with 22 minutes and 47 seconds

2nd place: Andres Sánchez with 22 minutes and 50 seconds

3rd place: Diego Martinez with 24 minutes


Female Division:

1st place: Ana Paula Ordorica with 22 minutes and 50 seconds

2nd place: Kirsten Hofheimer with 28 minutes and 13 seconds

3rd place: Alexandra González with 28 minutes and 27 seconds


Stay tuned for more photographs

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