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Posted by on Aug 24, 2015 in Featured News, News & Updates, Recreation | 0 comments

Summer Healing Yoga

Summer Healing Yoga

As the seasons shift, our bodies cycle through an organic ebb and flow of change that serves to harmonize and create balance within us. These changes are usually influenced by the seasons themselves: hours of daylight, foods that are abundant at particular times of the year, weather patterns and seasonally inspired activities.

The St. Regis Punta Mita Resort invites you to find an Ayurvedic approach to inner-body balance

The summer months are a time of light and warmth, and the energy of summer radiates at a high vibration. To balance the heat and energy of the summer season, aim to cultivate the opposite environment on the inside of the body — cool and calm.

Yoga Lessons with Alejandra Brito  8:30AM – Tuesday | Thursday | Saturday


6 cooling summer yoga poses

One of the best ways to encourage equilibrium in your body is through your yoga practice. Here are a few cooling yoga poses you can include in your daily routine:

  1. Moon Salutations: These are a variation of your Sun Salutes. If you want to do regular Sun Salutations, try to walk forward rather than jump forward to maintain the low vibratory feeling.
  1. Supported Backbends: Try Bridge Pose with a yoga block beneath the low back.
  1. Legs Up the Wall: Remember to keep your tailbone flush against the wall and your legs straight up.
  1. Supported Shoulder Stand: Place a blanket or towel under the shoulders, letting your neck dip off the edge.
  1. Forward Folds: Try Seated Forward Fold or Wide-Legged Forward Fold.
  1. Floor Twists: You can do these seated or lying on your back.

All of these poses send a calming wave through the nervous system and serve the body’s attempts to self-regulate.


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