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Posted by on Jul 14, 2016 in Exclusive Offers, Featured News, News & Updates, Uncategorized | 1 comment

Remède Spa | New Summer Menu

Remède Spa | New Summer Menu

Introducing the new menu for summer, Remède Spa promises to uplift your soul with these unique body experiences that focus on uniting your physical and spirit bodies. The “Hisí” Awakening Ritual this indulgent whole body experience will enhance your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing and leave you refreshed and awakened; the Sacred Chocolate Ritual, this ritual will let you feel the healing properties with the finest chocolate and pure cocoa experience; and the Body Oil Ceremony, a uniquely blended massage oil will rebalance your vital energies restoring harmony and calm.

“Hisi” Awakening Ritual

Allow your soul to merge with the universe with this blissful experience that reawakens the body and spirit. Hisi, from the native Cora language, means Dream Healer. This indulgent whole body experience begins with an organic Pink Grapefruit and Jasmine smoothing exfoliation leaving your skin healthy, refined and soft as silk. Your body is then harmonized with a sublime massage to provide a profound sense of well-being and concludes with a pure cucumber and aloe vera facial to speed skin repair and regeneration. This full body treatment will enhance your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

2 hours $230
“Hisí” Awakening Ritual_2

Sacred Chocolate Ritual

The Huichol Indians consider chocolate a sacred gift from paradise and have used it in ceremonies since time immemorial, leaving it as offerings to show their love for Mother Earth. This sacred ritual starts by exfoliating the entire body with pure cocoa, which is then gently brushed off. This leaves you ready for a purely smooth chocolate immersion with the finest warmed chocolate and then gently wraps you to feel the heat of the healing properties. Gentle soothing rain from our suspended, fully adjustable shower heads relaxes the body and mind enveloping you as your therapist gives the ultimate cocoa massage. This ritual concludes by tasting a SHAMAN Organic Chocolate, the “Food of the Gods”

90 min $210 USD
Sacred Chocolate Ritual_2

Body Oil Ceremony

Experience the healing effects of aromatherapy in a relaxing and restorative massage that combines the purifying property of Copal with the soothing value of a relaxing massage. The uniquely blended massage oil will rebalance your vital energies restoring harmony and calm to your body and mind.

60 min $195 USD
Body Oil Ceremony_1
For more information please contact our Spa Concierge  +52 329 291 5847

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  1. We would like to book a couples massage Sat morning at 9am July 30.

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