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Posted by on May 5, 2017 in Punta Mita | 0 comments

Avocado Bar

Avocado Bar

The St. Regis Punta Mita Resort, is pleased to announce the opening of the seasonal Avocado Bar in celebration of Cinco de Mayo.

Starting May 5 and offered through May 31, the beachside pop-up will feature a unique avocado-themed menu with each dish featuring the tasty fruit.  The exquisite avocado extravaganza will delight guests with lunch, dinner, dessert, and cocktail creations.

Avocado lovers will find the following “green” items in the Avocado Pop-Up Bar menu, created by the mastermind and palate of Executive Chef  Manuel Peruyero:

•  Avocado gazpacho with avocado cannelloni and King Crab

•  Grilled avocado flatbread with crispy bacon, avocado dressing, fresh arugula, and avocado oil

•  Avocado club sandwich served on garlic brioche bread with avocado Milanese, fried egg, and poached lobster in a butter and coriander seed sauce

•  Guacamole with prime ribeye steak in a creamy avocado and chicharron sauce with    homemade tortillas

•  Avocado ice cream with corn crumbles and a creamy caramel sauce

•  Intense chocolate with creamy avocado and macadamia mousse

•  Decadent avocado cocktails, such as the Crazy Guac with avocado, chili-infused tequila, Licor 43, and lemon, and the Avocado  Punch with avocado, Hennessy V.S., Licor 43, and lemon 



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