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St. Regis Rituals

Champagne Ritual

You as our guest, will be treated to an exceptional demonstration of skill as our head butler revives the traditional art of sabering, truly the world’s most memorable way to free a magnum of its cork.

The champagne ritual will take place every Friday at Altamira Lobby at sunset. Join us to celebrate this memorable event.


Bloody Mary Ritual

In 1934, Fernand Petiot became a bartender at the St. Regis Hotel, New York, bringing with him the “Bloody Mary”, a vodka and tomato juice drink he started making in Paris. It was in the St. Regis King Cole bar that Petiot perfected his original formula, adding salt, pepper, lemon, Tabasco and Worcestershire Sauce to create the drink that is beloved today.

Following Fernand Petiot’s tradition, every St. Regis in the world has created their signature Bloody Mary by adding a special hint.

You will be able to enjoy your own recipe as a teaser for breakfast in all our restaurants, as well as a Bloody Mary menu that includes the recipes from the St. Regis hotels around the world.


The Afternoon Tea

For the Astors, Mrs. Caroline Astor in particular, afternoon tea was a hallowed tradition and the opportunity to host intimate gatherings with her closest associates – a dignified prelude to her more noteworthy social events. Today, afternoon tea remains a treasured fixture of the St. Regis experience.

Enjoy the tea ritual at the Altamira bar on Tuesday and Saturday at 3pm or enjoy our tea selection at any of our restaurants.


Catch of the day Ritual

Every Friday at 11:30 am at the Sea Breeze beach. We invite you to meet our Chef to choose your catch of the day, while fishermen deliver the freshest fish at Sea Breeze Beach Club, at the same time as the bell rings.


For more information, or for any other inquiry, please dial the following numbers:

Butler Service Desk:                 0

Sea Breeze Restaurant:           5955

Marietas Restaurant:               5979

Carolina Restaurant:                5957

Concierge:                                    5845

Front Desk:                                  5940